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Its really good song....a women said Jesus I had *something* and Ain't Nobody Got Time for That! and viola a funny song :D

Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Official)

I love Coldplay :) they are fantastic! every song they put on YouTube will go on my blog because they are great and talented band!

Most of their songs speak to me :)

Never thought that would happen!

Been to tesco and the Coldplay CD was £6 or something....I couldn't afford after spending on erasers.
Ok don't giggle I have this moment where I need erasers or something crackers.

Got home, fixed my grandads glasses.. he gave £5 and I found £1 under the bed....great one more week till I can get it! BUT! There's 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy', 'Wreckers' and loads more that I want! HOLY COW SERVED WITH MUSTARD! xC its hard saving....

Anyone else who has that shopping problem or saving?! Please don't make me feel alone :(


One person's Trash anothers person's treasure....

Oh christ....I first go to Nottingham complety shattered (shops were not open, not a complete happy bunny).

So on my way to the tram I have lost every single metal bead to my Pandora style braclet....Oh well I only hope a little girl has picked them up and treasured them and held them hard to her heart because they were loved <3 
Found a credit/debit card on the road and took it to a customer service and said that I found it.....You should have seen the face on the women...she looked shocked I gave it in....she thanked me and the secretity guard smiled at me when I left the building...I had a very nice warm fuzzy feeling (which was good because I was frezzing my bits off outside!) My sister said " were you asked for your name? did you get a reward?!" I said " No and Yes....." "What was the reward?!" and this was the most perfect reward I could be given! A smile and someone saying "Thank You". That cheered me up for loosing my beads :)
Now I s…

The Undertones-Teenage Kicks - one of my fave songs!!!

I love this song...I wish i had there CD :)




This is by my friend who is also like me :) loves benedict cumberbatch :D



The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists -- Coming to Theatres From ...

She's like an Auntie....but with a beak xD

We Laugh in the Face of Danger! From "The Pirates! In an Adventure With ...

Oh  I won't get to see this film...oh so disapointing! I WANT TO SEE MARTIN FREEMAN

Thats quite a few films I have not got to see war horse, tinker tailor soilder spy, this and more!

It's Ham Night!

Sod my veggie ways! I AM IN LOVE WITH HAM!

-{sherlock & john}-  i guess your right 

sweet....not sweet on 2 views :P

♡I guess your right...♡ -[benedict cumberbatch]

He is sweet and it's even more sweet that i have over 400 views! YAHOO!

~{ my artwork & photography }~

This is my artwork on YouTube :) enjoy

A New Life For Mable Part 3

Mable's back and living in a will she cope?!

Sylvanian Families Part 2

Its back and funnier :D mable - line xd

My Cute Doggy Posing for the Camera!

Oscar :) this is my baby :) oh holy cow only 43 views! :L unhappy face!!

Doctor Who In Pictures

My sister video :) sweety :3

Doctor Who - A Dance Of the Darlek Victory

haha I couldn't spell Darlek :P

A Sylvanian Familes Animation - A Dance You Will Never Forget

this is ok I guess.....enjoy it only had 142 views xD

Sylvanian Familes - A random production - First YouTube I did!

God....I sound awful in this not really something I....I SOUND AWFUL! Can't fathom this :P

03 - St. Trinian's Soundtrack - Oh My God

Its Lily Allen :P she's well rude init!


I forgot to mention that I will be adding the following new things! :

1) My Videos - You are soon getting to see my YouTube Videos.

2) Songs - Songs will be added to the blog

3) Articles - Articles will be added  soon! anything that catchs my eye!

05 - St. Trinian's Soundtrack - Nine2Five

This is a fantastic song :) listen to it and omg!

Secret Obession

Ok....I have addiction to the following get ready and your in for some shockers!

1) Chocolate - Sometimes this is a real addiction nom nom 58% and 80% awww Blooming heck! A  friend of mine gave me some from germany and some from the USA. I got home the dog jumped in my bag and thought great he has had got em....Grabbed to big bags and scoffed them! OH HELL THEY WERE GOOD!

2) Shopping - Sorry TESCO but your not my type but Paperchase and Greggs well....its like I am MARRIED! When I see my friends in town and we go shopping they say "You look great in that!"...STOP I DO NOT TRY ON GREGGS PASTEYS!....Although thats mighty tempting...

And for Today my WORST!

I fancy these following men....

Benedict Cumberbatch 
Martin Freeman
Ben Mansfield
Russel Howard
Andrew Lee Potts
Tom Hiddleston

And that folks.....I will be posting pictures of these following people and Items in Bold!

Lucy xx

Wildlife and Certain pictures that exploded.....

Magna, Sheffield
                                                      Squirrel enjoying pumkin, My Garden
                                     Nom nom,  Squirrel still enjoying the pumpkin, My Garden
                                                                       Magna, Sheffield
                                                  Little birdy, Somewhere in Nottinghamshire
Chestnut Center, Derbyshire
                                                           Chestnut Center, Derbyshire
                                                            Chestnut Center, Derbyshire
                                                        Woolaton Park, Nottinghamshire
                                                          Woolaton Park, Nottinghamshire
                                                       Woolaton Park, Nottinghamshire
                                                         Woolaton Park, Nottinghamshire
                                                           Woolaton Park, Nottinghamshire
                                                         Somewhere in Nottinghamshire

Quick Notice...

I only thought of this on the tram to a meeting....freaky~
Please Do NOT copy my photography! This is my artwork.... And anyway I am an Artist in my true sprit with a pencil to a sketch pad & same with cameras....
Snap it or you will regret it! See it, Love it, SNAP IT! 
Lucy x
My Arts Award Part A Model for my animation!


Some flowers - Robin Hood Bay, Yorkshire Cliffs
                  Leading to a world of nature and leftover doggy doo..... - Robin Hood Bay, Yorkshire Cliffs
                                                             Bempton Cliffs - Yorkshire
                                                     Penguin walking somewhere in Yorkshire
                                  Just off the Thornwick Bay Caravan Site, Flamborough - Yorkshire
                                                         Tramway place.... - Derbyshire
                                          The Ship in a playground, Forest Fields - Nottingham
                                                  My little Ladybird made at my house.
                                     Water pouring down bricks - The Central city of Nottingham
                                    Ka-Boom! Fireworks going off - Forest Fields, Nottingham
Bridlington Bay, Yorkshire                                                      Flower Blooming outside our house.
                                                     Traffic Speeding outside.....grrr
                                                              Ivy growing up a pin tree.
                                              Chrich Tramway Museum Sculptor, Derbyshire
                                                              My Cross stich pattern
                                                                      Some Scribbles
                                                                 Somewhere in Yorkshire
                                                                Somewhere in Bridlington
                                                                Bempton Cliffs, Yorkshire
Flamborough, Yorkshire                                                           A Church in Nottinghamshire
                                                               An Angel watching over you..
                                                    Peace and Good will at christmas time.
                                                          Berries with a drop of snow...
                                                   A Candle lit to show the way to the bonfire
                                                Nottingham Eye! - The City of Nottingham
                                     Dafferdills blooming outside Brew house Yard in Nottingham
                                                                   A Pony! - Bestwood
Small Snail                                                     Newstead Abbey Gardens, Nottinghamshire
                                           HUGE Tree - Don't ask can't remember where!
                                      Same with this one...can't remember where I took a this picture!
                                                                The Moon and City Lights
                                                          A Pole with the Sun just rising.