One person's Trash anothers person's treasure....

Oh christ....I first go to Nottingham complety shattered (shops were not open, not a complete happy bunny).

So on my way to the tram I have lost every single metal bead to my Pandora style braclet....Oh well I only hope a little girl has picked them up and treasured them and held them hard to her heart because they were loved <3 

Found a credit/debit card on the road and took it to a customer service and said that I found it.....You should have seen the face on the women...she looked shocked I gave it in....she thanked me and the secretity guard smiled at me when I left the building...I had a very nice warm fuzzy feeling (which was good because I was frezzing my bits off outside!) My sister said " were you asked for your name? did you get a reward?!" I said " No and Yes....." "What was the reward?!" and this was the most perfect reward I could be given! A smile and someone saying "Thank You". That cheered me up for loosing my beads :)

Now I shall listen to teenage kicks...HURRAH!