Secret Obession

Ok....I have addiction to the following get ready and your in for some shockers!

1) Chocolate - Sometimes this is a real addiction nom nom 58% and 80% awww Blooming heck! A  friend of mine gave me some from germany and some from the USA. I got home the dog jumped in my bag and thought great he has had got em....Grabbed to big bags and scoffed them! OH HELL THEY WERE GOOD!

2) Shopping - Sorry TESCO but your not my type but Paperchase and Greggs well....its like I am MARRIED! When I see my friends in town and we go shopping they say "You look great in that!"...STOP I DO NOT TRY ON GREGGS PASTEYS!....Although thats mighty tempting...

And for Today my WORST!

I fancy these following men....

Benedict Cumberbatch 
Martin Freeman
Ben Mansfield
Russel Howard
Andrew Lee Potts
Tom Hiddleston

And that folks.....I will be posting pictures of these following people and Items in Bold!

Lucy xx