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Kate Nash - Pumpkin Soup ~ sister used to sing this like crazy when she was little! She sent via email, clicked the link as you do and what do you know she is next to me and singing it my face!

Grumpy Older Sister Face....Also known as the GOSF! Oh flipping hell its catchy...noooo!

She sounds like Lily Allen.

I can see now~~ Lily Allen and Kate Nash Mash up!!


Tiredness slowly setting in.....

Hello...good morning...Or if you live far away like Mars then gnjoiwetj!

Ok I do speak mars! I just hit my hand on the keyboard till it looks weirdly convicing! lol

So today I have a lot on and also a lot on next week... yipee!

Today - SUNDAY - I have to bake, go through scripts, hopefully write up some Arts Award.

MONDAY - New Art Exchange, Screeming Carrot (No joke or though the Reluctant Raddish could be a new name of shop), My friends house and then I do believe Drama for 4 hours.

TUESDAY - Drama and Visitor :)

WESENDAY - Dentist ( OH great).

THRUSDAY - Horse Riding and Packing for Holiday.

FRIDAY till SUNDAY - Camping in Derbyshire.


Computer Graphic's

The Teenage Girl 

The Young Boy & Girl

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Video

My friend did a speacil gymnastic's to this :) she can do so much :)


God Save the Queen!

I went to Nottingham at 'I think I am dying O'Clock' (it was 8am but I was exhausted).

But what I am about to say is something that is probably me mumbling because of tiredness!

Today waking up at probably 6:45am and leaving the house at 7:45am for the tram to get a good view for the queen worked because I was at the front...Near Pizza Hut...Lol...It was near enough! I got the most incredible photo's! I was asked to take photo's of people. Later on in the day, my friend came round and we watched the news because her sister went with year 7's. I just managed to spot myself on BBC Central and ITV Central :)

Now the lesson is the earlier you are the better the view O.O'


Overcoming my challenges!

I am thinking about telling about my day on this blog. I find writing hard and reading too.
Spelling is also a difficulty of mine but I am starting to over come that and reading.

Things that shall be over come!

Writing - Thanks to Yahoo! I have a pen-pal now from New Mexico and I am starting to write to her!

Reading - Thanks to two authors, I am starting to enjoy reading! Jacqueline Wilson and Micheal Morpurgo are making my imagination come more alive!


Spelling - I am breaking the words down and reading them and reciting the words. It takes time but it works wonders!


Coldplay - Violet Hill

Wow...Chris Martin looks so young is this music video! I think its the hair :)


Horne & Corden Show - Touch me, Father

I like it when they lose the will to live and start giggling while thinking of what to say next! Respect to Mat Horne from Notts! :D MC CHRIST. INIT BLAD!

not really a