Tiredness slowly setting in.....

Hello...good morning...Or if you live far away like Mars then gnjoiwetj!

Ok I do speak mars! I just hit my hand on the keyboard till it looks weirdly convicing! lol

So today I have a lot on and also a lot on next week... yipee!

Today - SUNDAY - I have to bake, go through scripts, hopefully write up some Arts Award.

MONDAY - New Art Exchange, Screeming Carrot (No joke or though the Reluctant Raddish could be a new name of shop), My friends house and then I do believe Drama for 4 hours.

TUESDAY - Drama and Visitor :)

WESENDAY - Dentist ( OH great).

THRUSDAY - Horse Riding and Packing for Holiday.

FRIDAY till SUNDAY - Camping in Derbyshire.