Forgeting the most important thing todo...

Have you ever walked to do something and gotten to place where you were going to do what you were ment to do and completey forgotton what you were going todo?

It's a phase we end up going through that make us kick our selves.

The problem is your stressed or overtired or possibly given too many jobs and you want to run....Run in a field and forget everything!

I go through this so much! but changing something will help such as:

1. Sleep - Sleep is the most important thing! Children should get up to the min 10 hours sleep, Teenagers 8-9 hours sleep is best! And Adults roughly need 7-8 hours. Have the odd night staying up a little late is fine but we all need to head to Snooze Land!

2. Relax - I find having at least 10-15mins of relaxing helps if I am nervous or stressed. Yoga helps so does a book or even animation of Shaun the Sheep helps! Baa!

3. Help!!! - Ask people to help, don't be the one to do all the jobs. When TESCO say 'Every Little Helps' or is that ASDA? never mind but that little jingle means everyone should share a little job!