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Scripts..Travel and singing

What a day...again!

Today I saw my friends in Chesterfield. Well known for the sprial church!
I bought myself a new skirt to go over my stage blacks for this christmas performance.

I have to sing 'I Don't Know How To Love Him' and as well my character has a american accent. I can pull it because apparently my accents get better and my impressions too!

Tell you more tomorrow.


Happy Haloween!

Happy Haloween and also Day of The Dead.

Get your pumpkins out...not a Euphemism! And yes thats real word but don't ask what it means because I haven't got the foggest!


Boys from the Dwarf!

Wonderful vid from Youtube user perfumedsecrets!

After 10 seires of Red Dwarf I think the smeg fans should get together and create a tribute video!

just an idea :)


Red Dwarf - Tik Tok

Not my work or credit to the maker of this vid :)
So glad Mr Flibbles got a mention!


Red Dwarf - Manga Sketch

At last Blogspot allowed me to add my sketch! It took 5 - 6 hours to sketch.

Please do not copy this image. if you want a copy please message or comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

For those who would love a copy of any sketchs please email:



Thank you so much for getting my blog to 600 views! My happiness is mad! THANKS.

Show it to your mates! Lets get to 700 and Beyond!



Well I am absolutly knicker-knacked! And anyone who doesn't know what that word is well I say when I tired. As you know I went to London yesterday and saw many things.

At the moment I am writing up my day off-line and then you can see not only what I did and pictures of everything!

Some people reconised me from Taming Of The Shrew! I felt a little famous. I played the 1st Huntsman and Babtista. I can still remember my lines as well. I played at Newstead Abbey and Newark Castle two very nice historic buildings. I think the highlight of that summer was I got a mention in a review for the Show!

Well if you don't mind I am having Red Dwarf day today to relax because I got home yesterday just before Midnight! My ankles were a little swollen but it was worth it for everything!!

See you soon & Toodle-pips


Oh budgies..

Ok...this awkward.


I can't upload. I can't upload my Red Dwarf Sketch! Smegging hell....

A Little Change...

A Change of name..... has changed its name to Thats a Teens Life. Which is ment to be mine and I kinda thought about while sleeping. What make a blog so true to the reader? Well I need to tell a bit about myself as a Teen! But not to personal!

So in a new Sweet 16 I say "Hello and Welcome to Thats a Teens Life!".

Enjoy the changes as they are about to get a little speacil! Did I spell that right? Oh by-the-way if I spell anything wrong, sorry. Comment and let me know and I will remember in future.



Latest to come..

Well I think my blog needs updating starting from Tomorrow or next week not decided yet...

My latest obbsession is now Red Dwarf. Rimmer rules! I sometimes use the quotes at drama for a laugh! But note to myself, Do not call your drama teacher a Smeg Head! As I got the most awkward look.....I am sure one of his eye brows are missing!

But still I thinking of adding some of my artwork but please do not copyright! If you want it or want to use it for something please comment I will get back to you.

I will start writing a little diary but nothing too personal.

Red Dwarf stuff will be on here soon or later.



One Long Tuesday...

Oh geez.... I haven't posted in about 20days...

Well my dear readers! I went for my Silver Arts Award moderation at NGY, I am sure I have passed but I have to wait to hear from my advisor.... I have done this thing before because I did my Bronze from November 2011 to March 2012 and of course passed.

Before I went in for the interview my lovely mum sent me a text: 'Good Luck! Not that you need it Xxx'...Now straight after that text I felt no longer nervous because I had a little Angel on my shoulder saying "You can do it!" I went to meet the moderator with my head held high and my portfolio in my hands. I could feel so much confidence! During the interview I asked about the Gold Arts Award because I thinking of taking it when I am older.

After I went to Wetherspoons for a lovely meal to celebrate that Silver was out of the way! We started discussing about London Trip. I am visiting London on Friday for The Houses Of Parliment and I am really looking forward to i…