Well I am absolutly knicker-knacked! And anyone who doesn't know what that word is well I say when I tired. As you know I went to London yesterday and saw many things.

At the moment I am writing up my day off-line and then you can see not only what I did and pictures of everything!

Some people reconised me from Taming Of The Shrew! I felt a little famous. I played the 1st Huntsman and Babtista. I can still remember my lines as well. I played at Newstead Abbey and Newark Castle two very nice historic buildings. I think the highlight of that summer was I got a mention in a review for the Show!

Well if you don't mind I am having Red Dwarf day today to relax because I got home yesterday just before Midnight! My ankles were a little swollen but it was worth it for everything!!

See you soon & Toodle-pips