One Long Tuesday...

Oh geez.... I haven't posted in about 20days...

Well my dear readers! I went for my Silver Arts Award moderation at NGY, I am sure I have passed but I have to wait to hear from my advisor.... I have done this thing before because I did my Bronze from November 2011 to March 2012 and of course passed.

Before I went in for the interview my lovely mum sent me a text: 'Good Luck! Not that you need it Xxx'...Now straight after that text I felt no longer nervous because I had a little Angel on my shoulder saying "You can do it!" I went to meet the moderator with my head held high and my portfolio in my hands. I could feel so much confidence! During the interview I asked about the Gold Arts Award because I thinking of taking it when I am older.

After I went to Wetherspoons for a lovely meal to celebrate that Silver was out of the way! We started discussing about London Trip. I am visiting London on Friday for The Houses Of Parliment and I am really looking forward to it! Even if I am getting up really early!

I am staying up on Thursday night to watch Red Dwarf X because I just love that show. Me and my sister today went into HMV and bought Red Dwarf Box Sets for Seires 1-9 and I also bought Red Dwarf: Back to Earth... Me and my sister have asked as a christmas present to go to the convention next year because Chris Barrie who plays the most entertaining character in the whole entirer world will be there! ARNOLD RIMMER!!! Wahoo....oh christ got little excited then! *hic*....teehee... please visit his wonderful site!

And Now I bid goodbye for now my readers. And thank you so much for me getting my blog 566views :) Its wonderful to hear from anyone! Please don't feel scared to comment...I don't bite *crunch*