2 Views away from getting 700!

Thats right! This Blog is 2 views away from getting 700views. And this blog is not even 1years old :)

Please comment don't be shy! Shall I tell you all a secret well....When people talk to me I look normal but I get quite nervous! But the only way I get over my nerves is by acting. When I am on stage I feel so normal!

I have three massive experiences:

Performing at Nottingham Concert Hall! I performed with the Northern Ballet as a Summer School project.

Hosting at Mansfield Palace Theatre. Thanks to YMCA Digital I hosted with two fellow friends at the YMCA Showcase!

Performing at Newstead Abbey and Newark Castle. I remember getting the part of Babtista Minola and I had to be a bit Sarcastic and funny and serious as well. I thought "Yay I got a main part but ah....156 lines in oringinal shakespeare text! Thats fine I can pull it off!" And I did and I got Reviewed with my best friend!

Watch this blog because well you never know when I will post!