So what have you been upto?

Today I have been bit of happy chrippy kind of person! As you can see on my profile picture. Hat 1 from the USA, Hat 2 is my sisters old costume she wore and choregraphed a 'Morris Dance' for Midsummer Nights Dream.
I remember just getting my braces and I got the part of Quince and what a part! I loved it! But it was quite difficult speaking on stage with 'Train Tracks' on your teeth.
So my todays topic is mostly about 'What the hell have you beening doing?'. Well I have doing some work, Checking my gear for tomorrow. I am going horse riding.
My horse riding is coming on a treat at the moment, I am at the moment really good at Trotting, Gallop and I am also good at Fast trot. I want to learn how to jump! I feel ready to jump!
Well looking at the time I should go through my script and practise like a squiral on red bull on my solo!
More pictures to come in the future!