Christmas MADNESS!

Oh for gods sakes... Its like 21 days till christmas and I lost the mood for christmas a month early because of shops! I mean...why put christmas tree's up on 13th of flipping august?! 

I only go into TESCO and panick people for a laugh on my birthday! I was born excactly 13weeks till christmas so for a laugh I go "I can't believe its only 13 weeks till christmas!". Its so funny because a week later christmas deals start coming to sainsburys! I could laugh my head off at times!...

Suddenly everything goes quiet..... I'm not that funny am I? But I am mad.....but the best people are!

Well looking at the time it's 23:18PM and I am completey shatted! We have to be up in the morning because the new armchair is coming tomorrow! Really looking to christianing the chair with my butt!

Well see you later!