Its getting colder and the radio presenters are getting gloaty!

I rememeber when you would be in the back of a Ford, looking out of a window and it would be snowing. 'Are we nearly there yet?' the sentance every parent hates when they are stuck in traffic. And to make it worse you put the radio on and the presenters gloat about people being stuck in traffic. You can just see them. The driver looks through the fogged window screen and low and behold snow chucking it down. The presenter was right and the gloat again.... I call them GG's. Why??? I hear you ask? because its called a Gloating Goat.

I hate the fact the advertisments get more and more cheesy and longer!! I would rather drink a cold cup of sick.

Am I moaning, oh god I am *whines*.

Well you have now heard what I am a Moaning, Whining and Sarcastic Teenager. And thats just the start of it! You haven't seen my really and I mean REALLY bad days.