New Year...And why have a new me?

I am asking myself this all day! And its giving me a massive headache...

When your out in the streets, your friends are bound to ask you about New Years resolution! Its practuily asking "Are you going to change because its a different year?!" and the anwser No from me because I am perfect the way I am and I like being me! I am regulary told:

1. I am creative - you will see my artwork later.
2. "You pretty much like a model!" - I am not...I am just tall and like to show my height with pride! And ok I like to show my style but baby, darling I am just 'Standing Tall and Proud'!
3. I am very Bakertive - this is true. I love baking and love to share my skills!
4. "Your really open minded!" - I have always been open minded because I believe imangination is the key to life! Beat bordorm with imangination.

Well I just wish you Happy New Year!