Questioning myself....

So have you enjoyed December?

Of course I have! It was a speacil day on the 18th!

Was it? What was so speacil?

Well I can say it was an aniversary!

It was yours wasn't it?! What was it for?

Yep and it was my 10th Year Aniversary of acting. And also 25th show! I took up drama when I was 6 Years Old and went to Helen O Grady. But now I go to a different one for Home Educated and Schooled Young People. I must say I have learnt more at this one then Helen O Grady. For starters I am respected and praised at this on but when I was at Helen O Grady I was bullied by students and one teacher. But at the Home Ed one we are counted as a company and perform at different venues. We are like one massive family. When someone leaves it doesn't feel the same, because we are all praticully best friends.

Maybe you should list how many shows you do!

Good Idea, but maybe tomorrow! I am very sleepy and would like to watch a rottweiler with hic cups!