"Really?! Jesus..."

I just looked at how many people are reading my blog and the total has gone upto 758 Pageviews!

Thank you! I am so happy! By the way the title is a quote from Red Dwarf X episode Lemons spoken by Dave Lister played by Craig Charles. And very well played! I love Red Dwarf. When I am upset I run to watch it with a bar of Cadburys or a Pot Noodle (edible of course!) and the Pot Noodle flavor? Chicken and Mushroom...but its not chicken so Veggies dig in! I am a Chicken-a-Pisca-terian! So far 10 people have joined in! 

My sister had the last pot noodle today and spilled it over our lovely 8 day old leather sofa! Fan-fracking-tastic! Really upset...not for the sofa but for the Pot Noodle...I am giving it a funeral.

Lucy x