Sprained Hand....

less than 2 weeks till a performance and I have sprained my hand! The dress rehersal is on monday and my hand hurts like heck! But I am going to be a brave trooper and get on the stage! I would get on stage even if I had broke my legs and looked like a complete twonk!

So if you see spelling mistakes Its not me.... its my hand going loopy.

This is not the first time I have sprained my right hand... and my favourite hand might I add!

Julius Ceasar, Dress rehersall day before the grand opening. I was building furnite and I came in with a badly sprained hand. I had volenteered to carry props because I had only 5 scenes todo. I got to carry the props but not the heavy ones!

Have you ever been in my situation?

Signed a truly weird girl,

Lucy x