The Hobbit and a numb bum...

I went to see 'The Hobbit an unexpected journey' well my unexpected journey was my bum went completly numb! After 30mins the dwarves were still persauding Bilbo to join there quest and you relise "Only 2hrs 30mins to go!". I think my favourite scene was Bilbo Baggins (played by Martin Freeman) meeting the weird creepy dude...the one with the ring! They have a game of riddles and Bilbo says "Whats in my pocket?" and he gives him 3 chances the creepy dude says "A knife? A gun!" "Thats two chances gone" "Shut up!"

The cinema I went to had loads of people coughing and sneezing I said loudly "Do we pay extra for flu?!".

Well it was fully a good film! I would rate it 3 STARS. Due to violence I think the film should have been rated 15 not 12A!