Level 1 - Return to life!

Well Game is up! I call it Return to Life because its only the beginning of the year and after a long rest from the performance in December 2012, I am returning to my life. Today is a new term at Drama and this term we are getting ready for the spring performance. 'Theatre of the Impossible' its where all the students create a script and we direct them.

I have created 2 plays and had them performed with this company. Honestly its fantasic and I have more friends at this company! I am one of the first ever members. The first performance we did was 'A Christmas Carol' and I played Jacob Marly. I have more male parts then female. But I have quite a deep voice.

My first script I wrote was called 'St. Micheals Curse'. I was only 13years old.

I do 3 performances a year now and I am really glad. I like the summer performances because we do around 2 shows in that term.