Level 3 - What Am I doing?

Throughout growing as a teen I am trying to get to grip about my life! Schools always ask there Sixth Form students what career to choose well I am stick to my guns!

1. Acting - Many actor and actresses have become famous and use there attenion (shall I call it) for good. I think you can make fantastic things by helping others.

2. Set up a bussiness for my Crafts - I am really good with finance and I am great crafter. I love to sell.

3. Become Dogs Trust Volenteer (of some sort) - I have loved dogs and I am a great believer in charity. I have sponsered a dogs with them for years! Since I was around 9 I think. Dog trust do a great job and I reccently have found out my latest sponser dog is near me!

Or 4. I wait for a sign to work at Poundlands....