Reading are we?...

Indeed-y I am trying to beat my sister. She read 26 books last year and I plan to beat! Not that I competive... I just get a little over myself at times.

So I am reading 'Miranda Hart: Is it Just Me?'. I am doing pretty well and I  have reached my first chapter last night but not relising the time when I was giggling very loudly.. It was 1:30am and I did my so called snorting-in-the-early-hours-of-the-morning-and-OH-MY-GOD-I-LAUGH-LIKE-A-PIG!  My laugh devolops into a normal teen laugh, then into a dirty cackle and finaly ending with the most weirdest snort you could hear... I dread to be recorded of myself laughing and placed on YouTube... *Awkward face*.

So I am thinking of maybe placing photos of how my day was.. beggining with tomorrow.

Adios x