Sweet self huddled to the bear of Sweet dreams,

Here I am, this is only a very quick post because of how late it is but.... I have found out my best friend who has never made me feel so happier is coming back. I cried when my friend left and throught of my friend through out the entirer play of Wizards Rock. I sang my song thinking of my friend. I was on GMAIL Talk and a message said coming back tomorrow (Tuesday). I squealed with excitment, my heart raced! I have been quite down for the past few weeks but the past few weeks have been blooming silly!

I have reliased that I have found a true passion and as Andrew Lee Potts website Keychain Productions says 'If you have a passion, follow it'. Mine was staring me in the face all this time.

I am going to write stories for children using my art. Bit like picture book but I shall stay as an actor and run a cafe when I retire.

Lulu x