"You Haven't Knitted All That Have You?"

"No No No!" I replied, I took a sigh hold my head in my right hand with my knitting needles in my left " Not if I was some super granny with a cape with to knitting needles and a ball of wool in form of skull style. Which would be really awsome!" I took a slow steady sigh again. I had been stiching some little rabbits for friends when I was supposed to be focusing on home work. "Nah I have plently of time..." Acting like some super sister scripter.. When I perfectly know I am not super. or even good at scripting. "Oh...Its another boring saturday isn't it?"

Me : So my little chav self how are you this very boring saturday?
Chav Me : Great man you know... just chilling.
Me : Right....

So anyhow I am trying to relax and in a way I kind am enjoying the the weekend but tonight finding out I have home work due in on Monday... Not so great. I am panicking! LIKE MAD!

SO if you don't mind I am off to write like a bullet in a china shop!

*zooms to room* By-the-way thanks for reading my blog but please don't feel shy I need people to give feedback on my blog...oh my god I am nagging aren't I?! oh flibbles...