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Clay Creations Turn into a Business!

Well after a whole lot of market research my business is slowly coming together. I have decided to get a new name but you can wait till July/August time! So I currently still making a load of things. To give you a quick insight into what is being made, I have uploaded loads of pictures from my Instagram.
If you have any suggestions what should be made or want to leave a quick  comment then comment  or email me directly at .

MIKA - We are young

Another one of my favourite songs, I love MIKA's songs, they are great and motive aswell if I am honest! I will be posting more songs soon!

By-the-way after last night my blog shot up to 1561 views last, my god thank you so much everyone :)

I will do something speacil for 2000!


MIKA - Lollipop

One of my favourite songs. I adore the music video because of the animations and background! It's fab and just had to share it! :D

By-the-way everyone....Thanks for the 100 followers on Instagram. Comment on the pic for a shoutout :)


Charlie, The Freerunner!

A friend of my Charlie Barber aged just 15 is a freerunner. Watch the video and you'll see just how
talented he is!

Subscribe to his YouTube - Charlie Barber


A Teenage Laughter

What is up with me? I'm so giggly at the moment, god knows why....actually god do you know why?
Probly if I showed him funny cat pics and a hamster shocked at the prices of cheese and biscuits...

Do I ever make sense? Who cares! I AM ME! I love be the wacky self I am.

So... Considering its....Bloody hell its near half past 11! OH.... Right... I am seriously got to get to bed. So I wish you all well and good night x

Hopefully have a long post... tomorrow if not I will do something speacil. Like a super-duper doodle :D

Night x

Dark Chocolate has an even darker history to it....

On Tuesday I gave out a speech about my favourite confectionary in the world which is Dark Chocolate. And I throught maybe you may want to read it too... Dark Chocolate

I believe the best confectionary in the world is dark chocolate. It tastes fantastic and is always there when you have had a rubbish day. It also has a rich history, let me convince you...
Firstly the Aztec’s had a special but unprouncable name which referred to a bitter drink made from cacao beans. ‘Theobroma Cacao’, a Latin name for the cacao tree translates as ‘food of the gods’ and 9/10 mythological gods can’t be wrong!
Not only was cacao a food but it could also be used as a currency. For several centuries in premodern Latin America. For example one bean could buy Tamale (a starchy dough wrapped in a banana leaf) whereas 100 beans could buy a live turkey hen.
Dark chocolate has a darker side to its history! Chocolate was used a lot in Aztec rituals, mostly for sacrifice. Some sacrifice victims who were two scared to…

The Wired Horse Vs Hackers

They enter your life with there virus cloak and wire henchmen. But the mystery knight on her blue wired horse charges to fight! She holds her bravery of anti-hacker in one hand and grips the reins hard. Every step the horse takes the hacker gets into the account. She jumps off the blue wired horse and runs lifting her sword in the air and pulls it down... The download bar explodes with lights, numbers, words, symbols and much more. She holds her hand up and places againest her face from the bright "Ahhh....Wow thats bright!" She gasps. She looks in front of herself. She's looks at her computer screen, "I've done it, haha I've only gone and flipping done it! Take that hacker." She smiles and holds her tea in her hand and takes a long drink. She sighs in relief, switching the computer off and walks away.

The beginning of stories that haven't been written on paper yet. But now it's time to write and let my imangination go like wild! x

Homework about... CHOCOLATE!!!

Well I got to choose a sweet which I love and I have to write a 3 mintue speech. I thought "Pick chocolate!" I looked up to my head "Why?" my head replied very quickly "You like chocolate don't you?" "Yeah I guess.." I replied a little interested. "Go on, tell." I was asked the question. "Lucy, your chosen sweet?" "Dark chocolate." I smiled. My head went insane with a little band cheering, myself was transported to a little celebration party. "Woohoo! This is going to be so easy.."

May the 5th.. Sunday

"Well, this is bloody hard..." 

If I am brutley honest becareful what you choose for home work because otherwise you could end up in doo doo...

I spent over two hours on 2 pieces of paper, having a break now to enjoy a lush amount BOOSH!

I guess I should get ready for bed me dears!

Nighty night x

by-the-way I leave you a picture of me in my favourite hat x

Pictures from Instagram - @lucy_haynes

I give you the pleasure of showing what has been added on instagram. Remember if you have an instagram be sure to follow for more pictures - @lucy_haynes 

Gob-smacked and possibly a little bit giggly!

Well I know you lot must be getting bored but from since this blog started this is how many of you have visited. I found it so interesting and thought well many of you may find it interest. Please comment on your views of this. Remember this blog has only been going a year! x

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