Homework about... CHOCOLATE!!!

Well I got to choose a sweet which I love and I have to write a 3 mintue speech. I thought "Pick chocolate!" I looked up to my head "Why?" my head replied very quickly "You like chocolate don't you?" "Yeah I guess.." I replied a little interested. "Go on, tell." I was asked the question. "Lucy, your chosen sweet?" "Dark chocolate." I smiled. My head went insane with a little band cheering, myself was transported to a little celebration party. "Woohoo! This is going to be so easy.."

May the 5th.. Sunday

"Well, this is bloody hard..." 

If I am brutley honest becareful what you choose for home work because otherwise you could end up in doo doo...

I spent over two hours on 2 pieces of paper, having a break now to enjoy a lush amount BOOSH!

I guess I should get ready for bed me dears!

Nighty night x

by-the-way I leave you a picture of me in my favourite hat x