The Wired Horse Vs Hackers

They enter your life with there virus cloak and wire henchmen. But the mystery knight on her blue wired horse charges to fight! She holds her bravery of anti-hacker in one hand and grips the reins hard. Every step the horse takes the hacker gets into the account. She jumps off the blue wired horse and runs lifting her sword in the air and pulls it down... The download bar explodes with lights, numbers, words, symbols and much more. She holds her hand up and places againest her face from the bright "Ahhh....Wow thats bright!" She gasps. She looks in front of herself. She's looks at her computer screen, "I've done it, haha I've only gone and flipping done it! Take that hacker." She smiles and holds her tea in her hand and takes a long drink. She sighs in relief, switching the computer off and walks away.

The beginning of stories that haven't been written on paper yet. But now it's time to write and let my imangination go like wild! x