Decisions... have I really made my mind up?!

Who's to say to make Decisions at an early stage? Especially on your 'Career'...It may be frighting to some but not me. Ok maybe a little scary especially when you can't flipping decide! I have sort of made a my mind just now... I might do something I never throught I would think I would do but then again It could be from this list who knows!

  • Actor ~ I have always been into acting since I did drama at the age of 6 at 'Helen O Grady'. I do enjoy it immensely!
  • Artist ~ I love art. Apprently I painted the sea and a boat when I was very little and mum could easily tell it was a boat... I also enjoy art so much!

But when your little you don't reliase what things you have to do to be the thing you always wanted to be. Its like sitting at the bottom of an apple tree and looking up. And each stage you get too you progress to a another branch until finally you reach the top. The Tree House with every memory of getting to where you wanted to be. That's how I see 'Careers'.