Earth & Fire - Rufford Abbey

On the 24th June I took a trip to the event of Earth & Fire which was held at Rufford Abbey. I really enjoyed the event because of there were many different pieces of art. I paticully enjoyed Simon Grifiths work. On his stall there was a sculpture of a fox and if you looked very carefully you could see the details.

Also I enjoyed Mark Smiths work! His stall had boats with little keys on the end. You also could see coils that had been placed carefully and different colours. I will be looking out for his art in the future and I hope you will too!

When I had one more hour I found a stall associated with Hull College. I must have looked older because they said I could take a degree with the college. They also asked what school I went too. Well when I told them I was Home Educated, they were very interested!

For more pictures on the event visit my Instagram page @lucy_haynes .

Overall on this event it has given me not inspiration but made me want to continue my work with art. You can count on me to go next time!