I'm a Visual Learner.

I have found out I am a visual learner which means 'needs to see it to know it!'. I wanted to look more into it and found out it may be along the lines of dyslexia.

Whenever someone mentions a certain word I can see it in my head. When someone mentions a food product I can not only see it but smell it when it's not in front on me.

Also when I am trying to remember something such as a room in a big building I have to link it in to things. Sometimes I talk to people and if they say a word, the word is automatically highlighted in my head and leads to loads of things.

I love what I am because if I have trouble during work in subject that my mum is talking about e.g. Science. I may hate the subject but when I see a picture I can see the object even feel the object just by looking at a picture.

For those who want to know more about 'Visual Learning' I recommend you visit these links ~

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 It's not only what you have naturally but I have found out people use this way for exams. But I think it's a very interesting and would love to research into it more. I want to know if I was born being a visual learner, developed it from seeing something or if it's something else.