Summer Lovin....

Well hello almost summer! I saw the weather today and realised I should....stay indoors and make polymorph clay chibi's and charms.

I woke up to realise I hadn't charged my phone the night before. I was going to charge it but I needed charging first! I must have kipped it at half past midnight!

I have ended up charging that phone twice today! Only used it to check my Instagram *coughs* and some nice pictures of the Horrible Histories cast and Mighty Boosh cast...*coughs*.

So in the first part of the afternoon, I made some Haribo strawberry charms using some fimo. I spent about an hour dealing with wire work. I used to do bead work when I was 10 or 11yrs old. I used to create my own bracelets and necklaces than at the age of 12, I began to get into sewing. I used to create little pockets or wallets to keep my library cards safe. I remember making one with pink stripes with blue stitching. You can almost envision the look of it!

Also this afternoon I created cookie charms and cupcake charms. Perhaps I should add a page with tutorials how to make them in easy steps and also cheaply. I only recently started making them, and I have had a massive thought. I want to re-create and re-name my business. All will be shown later this month.

At four I went to get a coffee and flapjack, I ran upstairs to check my emails... couple which really bored me half to death! Than I looked outside, walked downstairs to the garden. I took my jacket off and threw it to the floor and layed down. I looked up to see the clouds and just kept on thinking about what someone said to me:

Someone (who does not want to be named) said "Did you know your birthmark marks where you were killed before you were alive?" This I have been thinking about for over 24hours.. Its so interesting. Because I have two marks: I have one on my neck (could I have had my head chopped off?!) and I have a one on my ankle which I am sensitive about and it hurts if I hit it. All this is just running around in my head, even while I type.....

So as you can see I have a had a pretty relaxing yet interesting day!