We are on Tumblr!

So That's a Teens Life has been a fantastic blog and I don't plan to stop blogging. Oh no! But That's a Teens Life is now on Tumblr!

We have two fantastic sites you can visit:

Just Filled With Art - My creations and art can now be shared. You can easily repost (please credit!) to tell your friends that not only are they to see but are up for sale. You also have a chance to see my art through Instagram on @lucy_haynes .

Just a Fan Girl - My love for so many things can be also be seen. Mostly I am a fangirl of Horrible Histories, The Mighty Boosh, Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy and many more.

So if you would have the chance just to check it out, I would be really pleased. x

By-the-way guys.... I checked the stats this morning. How the heck do I go up 35 views?! The complete views on this blog is 1840 something! WHAT THE HECK! You won't believe the girly giggles I did when I saw it! Thanks guys, love you lot! x