3 Scripts + One Week = Timetabling...

So everyone your probably wondering "God where's Lucy?!" well I'm still on planet pissed off. I am only a little annoyed but I have had the worst week of my life and it's one of those days where I am restarting my week, next week.

So today went to drama and took my three printed of scripts. I was told to learn my lines but the broadband decided to not let me use the internet for a whole freakin week! I have literally been timing my 'package network' for 5 mins a day. By the way 'Package Network' is your internet supplied by the network your with. Like O2, Orange or Vodafone. I try to keep my internet free as possible by switching it on + off... I'm not surprised it hasn't exploded to be frank, Frank.

But I took my scripts with my today and we have blocked the plays, YAHOO! But I going to be learning about 2 lines a day. Which isn't bad since last year I had to learn 58 lines in a weekend!

 I checked how hot it was today, 28 degrees....BLOODY HELL!