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Upcycled Dollhouse

Well for the past few weeks I have been painting and up doing an old Dollhouse to keep my makeup in a nice place :) I plan to do another Dollhouse up to keep books in and little vintage toys x

Crafts Block

With a stall confirmed I developed 'Crafters Block'.. I hate it! You have loads of ideas, too many to take charge! You have everything. I think I need to get my head down and paint I find that always helps. 


Home Education is not an institution!

It's near September. Kids going back to school, new collage students go for their first year and me? I have decided not to go to collage. Yeah bit of a shock...

I have had young people coming up to me asking "So which collage are you going to?" "None."
What's happened? Well I have literally taking myself and my mum to several collages. They might not be school-y to you but I'm not a school kid. I have never attended a institution, I am aiming never to take an exam qualification. Why? Because I believe there is a way where you can gain skills and still get a great result.

I was told to get the qualifications I would need. Yeah well I am studying but I am not stepping into an exam centre and throwing up everything I have learnt onto a piece of paper.

I have found Level 1 and Level 2 distant learning courses for English, Maths and many others!
You take them within your own time and this would really suit to my education. I told my mum and she seemed qui…

Travels & Photography

I thought I would post a few pieces I have taken last year. Fellow viewers stop stealing my stuff. I have watermarked these bad boys and try anything I will get them back! So don't try anything! Please simply respect my work and enjoy them. :)   MAGNA - Sheffield RUFFORD GARDENS - Nottinghamshire
SEWRBY HALL - Sewrby  By Lucy Wakefield St. Micheal's Church - Nottinghamshire  By Lucy Wakefield
WOOLATON HALL - Nottingham  By Lucy Wakefield  By Lucy Wakefield
 By Lucy Wakefield By Lucy Wakefield

Lazy Saturday? Nah I'll be crafting...

So its Saturday, to be honest and quite frank, frank. I thought it was Tuesday today! I blame tiredness.

Today I plan to do art and crafts. Possibly a sketch of a young girl and try and focus on detail. And a women in the cornor wearing a cream silk & lace shawl. My sound like my ambitions are high but they have to be if I want to improve any skills.

And tonight I plan to do some cute felt things. Because I am please to say the confirmation for my stall is approved! I have one this September!

I am hoping to have a stall this October and December.

And I am planning dates for 2014! So I am really happy.

My mum has also given me a fantastic oppitunity! She is going to pay me to make Christmas cards for the family. I have been showing her what I can do when it comes to photography. I adore black and white photography.

A new post will be done in a bit to show what I have been working on these past few weeks. I think each picture holds something but indescribable.

I really want to…

Two Lions who look towards friendship...

Excuse the time and my dosy spelling in this post, I really haven't been sleeping at all well which has left me slighty unhinged and unable to make full sentances.

Anyway I only found this out about my home city of Nottingham.

The Two Lions in Nottingham city centre (market place) are quite amazing sculptures but did you know:

1. The left is called Leo and the right is called Oscar, for years I have been called the right one Ringo but I will now remember Oscar's actual name because my first dog was called Oscar.

2. Nikki Charlesworth, an 18year old NCN student yarn bombed the left lion for A levels in textiles.

3. A young preteen from Nottingham did a small photo-shoot on the right lion. The young girl sat and layed apon it. The photo was entitled 'sleeping lion girl'. Sadly the photo was lost.

The young preteen was me. I was 12 really near 13 years old. I did a small course with Nottingham Contemporary and learnt about Diane Arbus. I remember becoming a fan of her…

The Public Sketchbook - Now Online

I have been keeping this website a secret for a very long time!
The site is called 'The Public Sketchbook', its for people who enjoy any form of art and want to get feedback.
You can become a member for free. You can make an album to hold your pictures and members comment and give you feedback.
There's a guestbook where you can chat to members or just leave your throughts about the site.

Also I have added a 'Links' page :) If you have a blog, website by contacting me I can link it on to the website.

I will try to add my drawing & sketching tips onto the websites blog.

The website link is .

If you have any questions about the site let me know.

Also if you know anybody who might be interested please forward this email on :)

The Public Sketchbook

With much care and love going into each sketch I bought myself a notebook, though not a great quality sketchbook but will still get just as much attention. I have decided to use it as a way of showing everyone how I sketch. Its a way of life to use art well for myself.

I kind of got the idea to use it as 'Public Sketchbook' when I went to groups around the Midlands. Only a couple of months ago, I was in a small café in Nottingham. People kept coming up to me and complementing my drawings which is when I was struck the idea of having a sketchbook to share.

I am not sure if other artists or anyone really who have done this so it's worth ago!

The sketchbook is going to given a website a sister to this blog. Also it will give you the opition to become a a member and give feedback on my sketchs. I won't mind critics but those that are rude will be reported.

The website is also going to include a forum, hopefully a photo forum like a flickr group and hopefully also a tut…

Stocking up..

After a few offers to have another stall *get in*! With possibly only 2 weeks till my next stall, I have literally gone insane in craft shops. I have been in my element to find the cheapest and yet good quality bit & bobs to make my brooches. I have also decide to make chunky bead kits for children aged around 6+. I have called my little business 'Simply Sweet'. Last time you heard it was called 'Bubble Gum Creations' totally abandoned it. Its only a stall business to gain a little 'hopeful' extra bit of money. But when I am 18 I plan to launch it into a proper business.

I had my first stall last Saturday (3rd of August 2013) for free part of a community event. It went very well!

I sold:

All my Ice Cream chibi broochs.

Two of my paintings - One person made me sign the painting!

All my Cookies

All my Bunny Buddies inspired by my forever amazing and yet cheeky rabbit whiskers.

& oh so much more.

I have three more stalls this year, so diary has been re…

"it would sure be nice to be known as 'The Girl who Blogged' " ...

You must be getting quite fed up of me saying this but seriously guys I leave my blog for just a week and the views went up astronomical like squirrel out of space...oh bugger I'm speaking 'twoddle' again aren't I. Half the time I don't know what I'm saying but think what I'm trying to say is thank you. I don't say it often but this blog was only started a year ago and each month I keep views, comments and I'm just pleased you like it.

But it would sure be nice to be known as 'The Girl who Blogged' :)

So calling everyone, please share this blog x

P.s would it be weird if I said 'Luv Ya' or would that make me sound chavey?

P.p.s should I start Vlogs on YouTube?