Home Education is not an institution!

It's near September. Kids going back to school, new collage students go for their first year and me? I have decided not to go to collage. Yeah bit of a shock...

I have had young people coming up to me asking "So which collage are you going to?" "None."
What's happened? Well I have literally taking myself and my mum to several collages. They might not be school-y to you but I'm not a school kid. I have never attended a institution, I am aiming never to take an exam qualification. Why? Because I believe there is a way where you can gain skills and still get a great result.

I was told to get the qualifications I would need. Yeah well I am studying but I am not stepping into an exam centre and throwing up everything I have learnt onto a piece of paper.

I have found Level 1 and Level 2 distant learning courses for English, Maths and many others!
You take them within your own time and this would really suit to my education. I told my mum and she seemed quite pleased.

'You can take a school child out and place them in a collage but you most certainly can't always with a Home educated child.'

And my favourite quote...

'An artist never wears a uniform.' - my mum

I know most of the post might not have made sense to you but it made sense to me... this is me and my mind.