Lazy Saturday? Nah I'll be crafting...

So its Saturday, to be honest and quite frank, frank. I thought it was Tuesday today! I blame tiredness.

Today I plan to do art and crafts. Possibly a sketch of a young girl and try and focus on detail. And a women in the cornor wearing a cream silk & lace shawl. My sound like my ambitions are high but they have to be if I want to improve any skills.

And tonight I plan to do some cute felt things. Because I am please to say the confirmation for my stall is approved! I have one this September!

I am hoping to have a stall this October and December.

And I am planning dates for 2014! So I am really happy.

My mum has also given me a fantastic oppitunity! She is going to pay me to make Christmas cards for the family. I have been showing her what I can do when it comes to photography. I adore black and white photography.

A new post will be done in a bit to show what I have been working on these past few weeks. I think each picture holds something but indescribable.

I really want to be a well known artist. I want people to know me but I  know it myself this will be hard but I can do it!

Wish me luck x