Stocking up..

After a few offers to have another stall *get in*! With possibly only 2 weeks till my next stall, I have literally gone insane in craft shops. I have been in my element to find the cheapest and yet good quality bit & bobs to make my brooches. I have also decide to make chunky bead kits for children aged around 6+. I have called my little business 'Simply Sweet'. Last time you heard it was called 'Bubble Gum Creations' totally abandoned it. Its only a stall business to gain a little 'hopeful' extra bit of money. But when I am 18 I plan to launch it into a proper business.

I had my first stall last Saturday (3rd of August 2013) for free part of a community event. It went very well!

I sold:

All my Ice Cream chibi broochs.

Two of my paintings - One person made me sign the painting!

All my Cookies

All my Bunny Buddies inspired by my forever amazing and yet cheeky rabbit whiskers.

& oh so much more.

I have three more stalls this year, so diary has been rearranged so I can plan ahead,  so excited!
I will also be adding the dates for the events :)