The Public Sketchbook

With much care and love going into each sketch I bought myself a notebook, though not a great quality sketchbook but will still get just as much attention. I have decided to use it as a way of showing everyone how I sketch. Its a way of life to use art well for myself.

I kind of got the idea to use it as 'Public Sketchbook' when I went to groups around the Midlands. Only a couple of months ago, I was in a small café in Nottingham. People kept coming up to me and complementing my drawings which is when I was struck the idea of having a sketchbook to share.

I am not sure if other artists or anyone really who have done this so it's worth ago!

The sketchbook is going to given a website a sister to this blog. Also it will give you the opition to become a a member and give feedback on my sketchs. I won't mind critics but those that are rude will be reported.

The website is also going to include a forum, hopefully a photo forum like a flickr group and hopefully also a tutioral page where I will show you how to draw and use a pencil that can be simple and yet give great effects.

I am hoping to sort the site out within this week!