Two Lions who look towards friendship...

Excuse the time and my dosy spelling in this post, I really haven't been sleeping at all well which has left me slighty unhinged and unable to make full sentances.

Anyway I only found this out about my home city of Nottingham.

The Two Lions in Nottingham city centre (market place) are quite amazing sculptures but did you know:

1. The left is called Leo and the right is called Oscar, for years I have been called the right one Ringo but I will now remember Oscar's actual name because my first dog was called Oscar.

2. Nikki Charlesworth, an 18year old NCN student yarn bombed the left lion for A levels in textiles.

3. A young preteen from Nottingham did a small photo-shoot on the right lion. The young girl sat and layed apon it. The photo was entitled 'sleeping lion girl'. Sadly the photo was lost.

The young preteen was me. I was 12 really near 13 years old. I did a small course with Nottingham Contemporary and learnt about Diane Arbus. I remember becoming a fan of her work and looking and thinking hard about her photography. I think she is the reason why I do photography still. I loved her for her work because she took photos of people who were counted as 'outcasts' in her day. The more discrimination she was given the more bold her pictures came out in to the public. She never took the word no but she must have. It got so much for her she sadly took suicide. But now she is remembered for her interesting pieces that really do capture the eye.

Hold the phone! Did I just write something detailed? Crikey moses... 

But now my dear friends, I bid you farewell for tonight!