4 Train Thursday

So it's Thursday again so I had to catch two trains to Derbyshire & two trains back. But I guess I should tell you from the beginning what I did for a few hours.

We walked out of the train station and made my way to the crossing for the long bridge. After deciding where to eat, we sat and ate. We took my sister to her class and made my way to a vintage art & craft shop. As we started walking up the road, it started to get hiller & far more hiller. My chest felt tight and side hurt. We stopped and turned round to look at the amazing scenery. We turned again and saw how far to walk and took another hike up the freaking great big hill. We arrived at the shop and took a look around. We went to sit down for some drink. I had a coffee in a delightful fine bone china mug with a pheasant in a gold colour on the side. At the bottom of the cup looked like a carefully handpainted rose. My mum & grandparent had a cup of tea. What made this afternoon even more nice was sketching and chatting. I took a quick look at my phone and we had 30mintues to collect my sister. "30mintues...30mintues to walk down that bugger of a hill?!". So after walking down the hill we took a slow walk because we were far ahead of time yet again!

Once we had collected my sister we had to walk fast because the train was due to leave in 10mintues. I held my hand on my side because it was still saw. I didn't know why and I started become almost frightened. We arrived at the station and kept feeling light headed. I slumped against a pole waiting for the train. The train was delayed by half an hour. When we were on the train arriving into Derby. The train was yet again delayed because of silly things. I made a really bad joke and I am not sure I can tell you guys! We arrived home around about 18:30pm. I slumped on the floor again and listened to coldplay.

So really not that much of an exciting day!