A Wonderful Saturday!

This afternoon in Beeston I ran a stall part of my small business The Stitched Bluebird. I sold a few items but plenty of brooches still left over! I decorated and upcycled vintage fine bone China mugs, made cute bows in various colours, decorated frames & fixed old frames. I also made; earings pierced and clips. I had a tool kit to convert a pair of earings to suit the customer whether for themselves or as presents. When the customer bought a product they were wrapped and then placed in a bag with a business card attached.

During the day I had my hand painted with Henna (a natural temporary tattoo lasting for upto a month). A gentleman won a load of prizes from the tomboler and didn't want them and gave them to me! I also spent my day chatting to friends and local people.

Facts about Henna:

1. It's a colour between red-brown and orange-brown.

2. The dye is made from the leaves of an asian shrub or small tree, Lawsonia inermis, of the loosestrife family, having elliptic leaves & fragrant flowers.

3. Henna is used for many celebrations.