Education - The Motorway Vs The Long Route

Well you may remember a post about my non institutional life and comparing home education to schools. A dear friend forwarded a message about 'School is a Prison - and damaging our kids!'. I thought the article was really interesting and I have decided to share it with you.

Also not long a go I posted about my decision  not to go to college due to also a 'prison feel' & spoon fed education. I was told it wasn't school-y well here we are beginning of the term. Many of my old friends have gone to college and they seemed in a panic state when I told them I haven't taken a exam based GCSE. To be honest, would you like to sit over a table for one hour and half and 'throw up' everything you have learnt for the sake of piece of paper? I would rather do a useful skill based qualification but something that was recognised.

So far from hearing from my friends who have gone to college have said they wish they never went. They came upto and messaged me and said I have made the best decision. I am quite frankly overjoyed.

You see, people panic and think "Oh god, college is the only option!" No, no & no. Education is like a road - School, College & University leads you down the motorway but not you might not get a job straight after education! Where as Home Education leads you down the long route with many twist's and turn's. You can come across many things which can be so useful!Home Education is the best choice & gift my mum has ever given to me because of the opportunities I have been offered and choices I have made for myself! The subjects have consisted of 45% of work from a book, but the rest has been freelearning education in the outside world and self-teaching.

I began my Home Education in 1999 & those I have to say, I have no idea when this journey will ever end because I plan to Home Educate my children in the future.

With it being quite late I bid you all goodnight and sleepwell. I plan to post more over this week with pictures from my horse riding, craft stall holding & oh so much more! x