"I Can't See it?!" - Visualising Problems

You may remember I broke the news about being a Visual Learner a few months back, well I thought I would answer some questions which have been asked over the weeks. So here goes:

Q: Can you see stuff when your reading?

A: Pretty much, may favourite book I loved visualising was 'The Sweepers Boy'. But if I can't see anything in my head the words will jump off the page and have a light moving them around. Sometimes the words will look like their tumbling out of the page.

Q: Does Visualising hurt?

A: Not really but it can be distressful. Say if I need to visualise something important and its not there I can get really upset.

Q: What's the good thing about being visual?

A: I guess really it has to be when  I am painting or crafting. Plus I can see stuff how it would look before it's made! I find it useful in calm situations.

Q: Can you visual things when you acting?

A: Sometimes. I can visualise characters from scripts very quickly. When I write sometimes I can often see what I am writing but I have to really concentrate. And when I am on stage if it's a street scene I can visualise that very quickly! Say its a Victorian street I would be able to hear and imangine things from that time.

Q: Does it affect anything else apart from seeing things.

A: Yes, it can affect my spelling. I have trouble with spelling and grammar (Visual Learner is a form of Dylexia but after writing letters to a friend in C.A , I have found writing a more helpful approach.
If you have any questions fire away! I will be happy to answer them. Just email at Haynes.lucy9@googlemail.com