The Human Ants in Suits

On Thursday I took two trains back from Matlock. The train ride Matlock to Nottingham is a very nice ride because we spend 30mintues looking around the countryside. It's rather amazing but when you arrive into the first city, Derby. All you see are people rushing around! I like to think them as Human ants in suits.

The train buzzed a looking far accoss staring at me was a BBC Radio presenter for Derby :) Sadly didn't get to chat but had stare contest! We arrived into Nottingham at five. I went to find the platform and sat down on a blue lonely bench. A man walked past stopped and looked around, I reliased he was blind and stood up quickly and offered my seat to him. Soon quickly after it was taken by a fat lazy and completey rude woman. I was talking to a friend for 20mintues and the train quickly came in. I had to run all the way down two platforms in order to get my family a seat. I was sat opposite some acholics being rather rude and possibly very, very drunk indeed!

 I sat and felt very dizzy, suddenly everything went dark. I felt like I fainted. My sister kicked me under the table to try wake me up. I thought to myself "Oh god, I've passed out..." Everything, the sound was very bubbly like I was underwater. I heard mum say we were at the stop  and my sister gave a very hard kick. I slowly woke up and got off the train. I overheard people asking if I was ok. I took out something sweet and drink and felt a little bit better.

I walked home in my red Joe Browns coat thinking about a friend. I went to my room and sat and layed down.

-pretty much all I can remember guys! sorry!