Welcome back Nerdy!

So nerdy is back and more badass with work than ever! I love Maths & English. But I loathe science, don't get me wrong, I enjoy the periodic table but heaven forbid my mind hates the subject.

Tomorrow I plan to do the same amount of work but means I have wake up tomorrow bright and early! Because I am off to Beeston in Nottingham for a workshop. We are making planters! probley save it for my Grandad as a Christmas present.

So latest in the Social Network world:

INSTAGRAM - I recently added a picture of a sketch I did of Hatsune Miku. I was liked by the official creators!

TWITTER - I posted how come next year is going to be speacil because on my 18th I plan to give blood. I think it will be speacil not for just me but for other people too who need it. GiveBloodNHS had noticed the tweet and agree it's a lovely thing to do. I have been flutterly around the house today!

GOOGLE+ - People have been recently loving a post I did on 'That's a Teens Life' about a skirt I had sewn in July.