Day Out to good ol' Skeggy!

For my 17th birthday I went to Skegness. The Journey was long but nice. I am typing whilst with a lovely cold!

I woke up at 7:30am and checked Instagram and Twitter. At 8am I opened one present, my new camera. She is stunning! I had to put my present upstairs and get ready to go out. We walked to catch the Nottingham train. We arrived in Nottingham around 10am ish and had to find the Skegness service on platform 2. We left the Nottingham station at 10:20am and arrived in Skegness 12:22pm.

We walked down near the sea front (North Parade) and found the café from our last visit in 2007! Me, My Sister, Mum & Nanny each had fish and chips. The fish was long as the beginning of you wrist to near the beginning of your elbow.

After some lunch we walked down to the beach. Not many people were there so it was nice to walk beside the tides. I took my phone to take photos and a notification came up. It was birthday message from my favourite casualty paramedic Norman Burnton played by the fantastic Adrian Harris.

After 30mintues of walking around we took a slow steady walk to the pier. Very Victorian-y with a beautiful view running for miles. We decided to search for some amusements and we came across one. I found one 2p game and tried to win a 'Blue Yoshi'. I love anything Super Mario. If anything I am literally a gamer girl! After playing for 30minutues I reliased I was going to win it.

My mum suggested to go find some doughnuts. It seemed a good idea since I train was due in an hour. Mum & Nanny went to fetch some doughnuts while me & my sister walked to find out if I could buy a Pikachu onesie. Sadly the onsie was for children... Goddamnit!

My sister suddenly dragged me and said "I need to buy this hat". It was Russian style hat that she had seen @danisnotonfire had worn. Those that are not fermilar with this name his name is Dan Howell, a british YouTuber who my sister has now become badly obbessed with *head in hands*.

So she bought the £15 Russian style hat and we walked with my mum & nanny to a bench to eat the warm doughnuts. I started eating my doughnut and of course it had to fall on the floor. I picked it up and my mum shouted at me "Lucy! You don't eat doughnuts off the floor..". Gee mum I wasn't going too considering a 16 year twerp spat on it.. She really doesn't know me at times.

Me & my sister went into some shops and one point a shop assistant was starting to be really unpleasant. I said to mum, "can we go for the train now please". It was starting make me feel like birthdays were really nothing.

We walked to  the train and some school 'children' were acting like apes. Shouting, Swearing, Jumping around and literally tearing things off posters. Home educators would never dare to act like that!

We got on the train and had a very long ride. Nearly 3hours because we had to go through Granthem.

We got off at Six o'clock and waited for our train home to arrive.

When we did finally arrive home it was nearly Seven thirty. I went to finish opening my presents & have some tea. Altogether it was good day but I would rather spend my birthday on holiday.