Hurry up weekend

It's Thursday, oh happy days we're literally two days till the weekend! So recap. On Monday I did some work with mum, Tuesday I didn't do any work (lack of sleep & really paranoid) don't ask about the 'paranoid' bit because literally I was board-a-line mental... although I went to Arts Award. On Wesenday I did a bit of homework to gain a little extra work.

And Today... We are at home, oh holy motherfluff balls! We're at home because mum is sadly caught my nasty cold. I don't even think it's a cold... oh great paranoia is setting again, Ignore whilst I sulk.

So I am going to try & finish my homework. Procrastion likes to strike when I work... I call it squirrel syndrome because whenever mum asks a question I will say something which is not relevant and she'll shout "Squirrel!". Honestly me & my family are weird at times. I sometimes wonder a lot of things...

I bid you goodbye just for now but please expect posts this evening as the past few days I have literally had my shoulders waited down. And plan to blog more x