its.....RANT TIME!

For christs sake, sorry everyone but this is going to be a rant.

I went in search for Hama Beads as I am running out quite quickly after a lot of interest in the jewerlly. (Note - I will try to post some samples tonight).

Well I went to Tesco to search for anything cheaper as Hama Beads can be quite expensive. So I had a look "hmm" I thought "4000 beads, that will last for at least two months" *looks at the price* "£5.50! You have got to be absolutey kidding me! Only two weeks ago it was £3.60.".

So I walked to Home Bargains because I need a contact book for orders & feedback. I looked on the around on the Crafty part, nothing.

"Okay" I thought "Not a problem, I'll try ARGOS." So off I toddled with hope. Walked in, looked on the touch screen and was there Hama Beads? Yeah around 10,000 beads in a massive bucket for £10. "Perfect" I said with glee, then I looked at the small print thang. " 'Home Delievery' what the fudge?" I was slighty confused. Why the heck would I need home delievery for a tiny smegging bucket that I have easily carried home before? "Cheap Skates!" I shouted. My mind soon later said "Was that really the best thing to say in public." *everything went quiet*  "Nah brain that summed it up nicely!" I walked home deciding maybe a city trip would be in order.