Just Believe in Faith

So Faith is by my side. I gave up on Hope years ago but Faith however is there.

So on Monday I went out into the city on my own. Yeah your probably thinking "She's 17 & never been out on her own?!", I am one of those less independent teenagers that aren't super dare-devil! I am the sort where I am like to be sensible & stay organised. So back to the city thing, I went into Nottingham to attend Art Classes :) I have taken up 'Drawing Still Life' & 'Culture from Around The World'. At around 12:30 I walked to find my bus. The first bus was late so I decided to take one of the Three's. Though I had to walk home which wasn't okay because the 'dickhead' cyclist decided to follow me. I started running down a few houses & soon I lost him. If 'dickhead' did try anything I would soon push him into the road! I got home & planned my outfit for the evening. I wore a beautiful light brown dress with black dots, a cute peter pan collar, autumn blue tights, my red coat, scarf (same colour as my tights) and a paris style hat.

We went to the Nottingham Playhouse to see Richard the III, I haven't told my friends about the gruesome scene's! Because a friend once passed out after watching a chicken voodoo ritual from 1959. I found it ever so interesting but my friend passed out on the spot. Quite interesting when my friend said "What happened?" because part of the voodoo ritual was a small whisper chant, and I think she was put in under in some way.

Before watching Richard the III me & my friends were discussing about how Sunday went. Before we could give our thought the performance was a GO!

Tuesday I stayed at home after becoming quite tired & very unwell.

Wesenday I woke up, had a shower & ended up going into town with out breakfast. I ended up buying a bounty bar & wrestling with a wasp on the way home!

So, so far this has been my crazy week. Not too crazy but enough to say go to sleep!

So adios x

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