Madness, Homework & Lazyness

With a reather hearty week about to go in pure madness has reached a weekly thing.

On Monday's I am doing work with mum, yesterday I had English, Maths & Science. Luck was on my side because I got 80% in  Science. I normally despise the subject and will hide or reject to do it. But I kind of acted more grown up about. I gave it a try and I seem to getting the hang of science but next year I plan dumping the subject altogether! English also went well *aside* as always. I have to admit I really love Maths & English because they're two subjects I use practically everyday. Maths I use for my business & English, well, I used to do a lot of proof reading for a magazine I worked on. Auto correction has been stuck in my head ever since, which will be a bonus for the English course I plan to be taking in a few months time! Exciting!
On Tuesday's I do work with mum & in the evenings I go to College Street for my arts award. In gold you have to choose two artforms. I have chosen Photography & Jewerly Making. There are a lot of parts to this award. I understand I will have my ups & downs but it's never hard, just simply a challenge!

On Wednesdays I do work with mum & sometimes we might go in to town or on a walk.

On Thursdays I have to go to Matlock in Derbyshire, to take my sister to drama. I normally go shopping with family while we pass the time. This week, my sister has a presentation. We are going to a what a school would call a 'Parent's Evening' which as much sounds fabulous this will be my first time out of there drama school seeing something with the new little generation of Home Educators. I am really looking forward to it.

On Fridays possibably working with mum & Allotmemt with my lovely & amazing friend Izzie. You should defiantly visit her blog: an adventure in homeschooling

On Saturdays I have 'free time'. Which means I can do whatever I want :)

On Sundays I have Drama at Junk Shop Theatre Company.