Matlock & a soggy bottom

Today I went to Matlock with my beautiful new camera. My new camera is a bridge camera pretty similar to a Nikon. Its actually a Canon Bridge Camera 30x HD :) I am literally in love.

I dropped my sister off at her drama group. Me, my mum and my nanny decided to take a trip the nature reserve. After looking for it we started to wonder & came across a little park with two bridges and long stream. We walked around and everything became wider. We realised that we were in the woods and mum decided to test me on my science. You know the Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic... No? To put it more better way 'The Rock Cycle'. So she tested me & I seem to getting the hang of it. We walked further up the path and suddenly cliffs with many different coloured started appearing. Underneath the cliffs was a lead mine.

Considering it was starting to rain we walked in search of the war memorial. We went up a decent hill till after ten minute's became a ridiculous climb! But when we got the top, the view was breath taking almost had a 'welsh' feeling. We looked down on Matlock and realised with all the bad weather looking dodgy, how the heck were we going to get down? So I took a look around and found a 'garden path' down the mid of the hill with a fence to grip hold too.

We walked down, a wooden gate started to swing. On the side was written '1935-1945' & 'To those who will remember'. We opened and right across was a stunning, and very gothic graveyard. I took the opportunity to start taking more pictures for my print selling business.

After a while the weather yet again looked threating! We found a path (and very steep one might I add too!) down to a main road. I looked round for signs or bus stops to give clue what road we were on. I took a slow walk and looked down to find a steep hill down. Nanny did really well because it was ever so slippy!

We got to the bottom of the road, when I say 'we' mum & nanny did but I pracatilly tripped down because of my silly boots! Silly Lucy needs to buy walking boots! But I am broke sadly :L When I say broke, my birthday money is aside for a trip with friends which will probably never happen!

The road curved I realised we were literally next door to the towns park. My mum mentioned we needed drinks for the train back to Nottingham but she had no clue where to get them from cheaply. *Ding Ding* I think my inner head map may be of some use! There was Wilko's only five minute walk and we could fetch my sister in no time. We bought 'Leather Gardening Gloves' for the allotment group tomorrow afternoon and four chilled drinks.

The weather was really starting to pour itself down! I quickly placed my camera in case and ran into a charity shop because the rain was chucking it down. I bought a little book which had graphic look and my mum said "Time is ticking and really should fetch your sister."

We ran through the rain. I became soaked and my newly lighted blonde hair had faded into rats tails.
We fetched my sister and caught the train back to Nottingham.

As we were getting off, two gentlemen delayed us by chatting about there newly developed bikes. Thank you twerps for the delay you made me miss my train home! Suddenly my bag was being tugged, I looked around and a man was trying to get in my pockets! I looked back, the zipper was undone, but I laughed because in that pocket was a damaged sketchers pencil and lots of tissues from my cold!

So I wasn't too worried but mum said angrily "Move!". I asked "Why?" "Because we have three minute's till the train home!" I ran "Don't run!" "Right you either want to catch it or not! Make your mind up!"

Now we did catch the train in the end about 40 minutes later. Might I say East Midlands Trains Service you are the most positively worst service to ride on? What with you disrespectful conductors who neither listen or respect you as customer and purely ignore you! Oh yeah and you neither asked if I was alright after I thought I was going to pass out!

But apart from the terrible weather & service from the trains. I had a lovely day! *giggles* "KAWAII!" don't know why I said that but I wish you all Good night x